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15 January 2010 @ 01:08 pm
[One-shot] First Meetings & Talking Birds  
Title: First Meetings and Talking Birds
Type: One-shot
Author: presstoreset 
Rating: G
Genre: Friendship
Characters: kid!Haewook
Summary: Running in the rain, tickle wars and baking cookies are just some of the things they do.
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior.

For cianra_aiko, the freshly-baked cookie who just loves stalking me.
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First Meetings & Talking Birds

It was just nine in the morning.

The sun was already up and shining, its rays bringing a type of warmth so comfortable it felt as if a blanket of fleece had been tucked around oneself. The bluebirds were already up way before then, their wings flashing different shades of blue as they sliced through the cool morning air. Azure, hints of cerulean, yale and specks of periwinkle and sapphire.

A small figure sat by the windowsill and watched a piano behind carted down the back of a truck. A book lay forgotten in his lap as he caught a flash of cornflower blue. He tried to make out the person dressed in the jacket but he only saw a head of auburn hair with streaks of russet in them.

There was a knock on the door which seemed to wake him from his reverie and he looked away to see his mother’s figure by the door.

“Ryeowookie, come on down and help the new neighbours! I made an oven of cookies so you can pass a basketful to them later.”

Five-year-old Ryeowook scrambled down from his seat, book falling completely from his lap and onto the floor, and ran to the door, his small hand encased in his mother’s as they made their way down.

He felt the excitement bubble in his heart.

Who are the new neighbours? Are they nice? Will they like me? Will they like the cookies?

The questions ran though his mind like rapid-fire.

“Hello, I’m Mrs Kim. Nice to meet you and welcome to the neighbourhood! I saw that you’re moving in and though you might need some help. This is my son, Ryeowook,” the smile on his mother’s face was soft and warm.

The other woman beamed and inclined her head in return.

“It’s nice to meet you too! I’m Mrs Lee. We’re just getting the last of the things unloaded,” she bent down and gave Ryeowook a small smile, “Hello Ryeowook!”

Ryeowook bowed his head shyly, still holding tightly onto his mother’s hand.

Just then, the same person with the auburn hair and dressed in the cornflower blue jacket appeared by Mrs Lee’s side.

“Umma, there’s only one box left but it’s too heavy…”

Mrs Lee laughed. To Ryeowook, it reminded him of the gentle tinkling of church bells, crystal-clear and sincere.

“I’ll get that one. Say hello to Mrs Kim and her son, Ryeowook.”

The taller boy bowed, his eyes shining and his smile still shy.

“Hello, my name is Donghae. Nice to meet you!”

Ryeowook could tell that he was older but by how many years, he could not tell. He looked at the older boy curiously, as if almost in wonder.

So that was how they met.


“How old are you?”

“I just turned five two months ago…”

“Ohh…when’s your birthday?”

“It’s on the 21st of June.”

“Happy belated birthday then! Even though it’s two months late.”

Ryeowook’s cheeks felt warm and he gave a small chuckle.

“Thank you…”

“No need to be so formal with me, Wookie. Can I call you Wookie?”

“O-of course!”

That was how their initial conversations went. Awkward and still shy.


One day, they were sitting on the garden swing, simply enjoying each other’s company and bathing in the warm rays of the sun.

“Hyung, you never told me your birthday…”

“It’s in October but I’m not gonna tell you which day!”

“Why not?”

“Just because~”

“Come on, tell me!”


“Tell me!”

No response.

“Then I won’t tell you mine!”

“It’s okay!”

Ryeowook pouted and leaned over to prod the older boy at the side. The latter squirmed and made a face before shuffling over to the other side, widening the distance between him and Ryeowook.

Ryeowook grinned. “You’re afraid of tickles, aren’t you?”


Ryeowook caught the waver in his voice and he poked him at the side again.

“Don’t poke me!”

Ryeowook started to giggle, his hands covering his mouth as his eyes crinkled up with laughter and mischief.

But he almost choked when he felt someone poke him at the side. He shied away and pouted at Donghae who was grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re afraid of tickles, aren’t you?”

Ryeowook shook his head, all the while holding his tiny hands to his face and wishing fervently that they would drop the subject.

Minutes later, it had turned into a full-out tickle war and the two boys ended up lying on the garden floor, laughing tiredly from all the exercise.


Maybe this was the first incident which started it all or maybe it was their fate from the start but as time passed, the bond between both boys grew tighter.

Ryeowook sat by the piano and stared at the keys, the black and whites burning into his eyes. He could feel the cool, smooth touch of the keys under his fingers and as he moved to play, the chords rang in the cavernous room.

He closed his eyes and immersed himself in his playing until he felt the strain in his right finger and the wrong note rang out once more.

He opened his eyes and tried to reach the right key but he could not.

His lower lip quivered as he remembered the angry face of his teacher, the harsh words and fiery eyes making his heart clench.

He could feel the tears in his eyes and he hugged his knees to him as the sobs wrecked through his tiny frame. He remembered the embarrassment he had felt, the strong burn in his cheeks...he remembered the hurt he had felt, his trying to compose himself as he stood with his head bowed in front of his teacher.

He remembered every single detail and his tears came even faster, the tiny beads shining in the sunlight streaming in through the window.

He felt someone put their arms around him and he leaned towards them, his sobs echoing in the empty room.


They would meet at the playground everyday.

Sometimes, they would play by the swings, pushing each other, all the while listening to the small creaks by the chains and their laughter ringing in the empty space. Other times they would simply sit on the benches, feeling the grooves and roughed edges where the weather had managed to wear off.

They were able to sit in comfortable silence, just enjoying each other’s company and just enjoying the day as it passed. It was their routine and it remained the same for the first few months before it was finally broken.

It was a cloudy morning. The stray gray clouds hung low in the sky, with wisps of bedraggled mist trailing after them. The air was cool and refreshing.

Ryeowook waved goodbye to his mother and set off in a skip towards the playground. He was dressed warmly in a thick jacket and boots. A dark grey beanie sat snugly on his head and he had his hands stuffed into his jacket pockets to keep them warm.

He wondered whether he would be early today or if Donghae was already there, waiting for him. As he neared the last corner though, he could hear raucous shouts and laughter.

Ryeowook set of at a run, his small legs hitting the pavement in frantic thuds.

When he finally caught sight of the playground, he felt his heart drop.

There he was…the hyung who would always be there for him, to stand up for him whenever he got bullied. He had always looked up to Donghae but when he saw the crumpled figure on the group and the retreating backs of several teenagers, it was a whole different story together.

He hurried to where Donghae was lying.

The latter was breathing hard, small puffs of white condensation issued from his mouth as he panted heavily. His lower lip was split and it was bleeding; a small trickle of blood ran down his chin.

“Ryeowook, happ – ah….”

Donghae winced as he sat up, his hair ruffled and unruly in the wind.

“It’s okay, hyung. Come on, let’s go home.”

One glance at his hyung’s grazed palms, bruised knees and the droplets of blood was enough for Ryeowook to bite his lower lip in worry and concern.

At first, when Ryeowook tried to grasp his hand, Donghae had shied away, insisting that he was fine. But in the end, he allowed Ryeowook to lead him back home.

Throughout the way back, Donghae could feel the sharp edge of the carefully wrapped box in his jacket pocket biting into his skin but he did not complain. He tried his best not to wince as their boots chuffed along the pavement.

The wind sighed around them, brushing against their faces and hurrying packs of crisp dead leaves along the empty street.

They climbed the few steps up to Donghae’s house and the two entered the cozy haven. It was the first time Ryeowook had stepped into Donghae’s house since the two became friends. They sat in the kitchen as Donghae’s mother bathed his wounds.

Ryeowook’s gaze travelled over the homey interior, taking in the cottage-like kitchen with its wooden drawers and white porcelain. His eyes lingered on a framed picture of Donghae with his parents and older brother. He had only met Donghwa in passing but he had never really conversed with him before.

As Ryeowook continued to look around in awe, Donghae was watching him. He wondered what the younger boy was thinking about and he was grateful for his presence back at the playground. He remembered the confusion, fear and hints of anger when the teenagers yelled at him and pushed at him.

He had gone to the playground as per usual, but he knew that it was a special day for Ryeowook.

After all, you only turn six once.

When his mother returned with a tray of freshly-baked cookies and fondly ruffled his hair before leaving the kitchen, Donghae watched Ryeowook bite into a cookie, tiny crumbs falling into his open hand. He surreptitiously slipped his hand into his pocket and retrieved the box.

Donghae had spent an hour wrapping it carefully in pearl sapphire blue wrapping paper, making sure no creases were present but after that ordeal in the playground, the corners were slightly worn and there was a tear on top of the rumpled surface.

“Happy birthday, Ryeowookie. I know it’s crumpled and torn…and it’s ugly but….”

Donghae’s voice trailed away as his mind fumbled and juddered to a halt, unsure of how to continue.

Ryeowook reached out with his small hands and looked at the present curiously. He had his head bent, fringe falling forward and obscuring his face.

Donghae bit on his lower lip; he wondered if the younger boy would accept it.

What surprised him was when Ryeowook look up at him with a wide smile on his face, white teeth, high cheek bones, tiny eyes and all. He almost had the wind knocked out of him when the younger lunged forward and gave him a bear-like hug.

Ryeowook’s voice was muffled by the older boy’s jacket but he heard it loud and clear.

“Thanks, hyung.”

The half-eaten cookie lay forgotten on the floor.


The days passed without anything out of ordinary.

The scars and bruises on Donghae’s knees had faded into nothingness but they no longer went to the playground.

“Ryeowook ah, why don’t we play in our rooms instead?” Donghae had asked, the heels of his boots digging into the gravel on the front porch.

“What about the playground?” Ryeowook snuggled deeper into his jacket as a chilly breeze swept past them.

“I’m sure it’ll be a lot comfortable at home…we can even help bake cookies!”

So their footprints faded from the playground and their presence on the worn benches vanished.


“Are you sure that’s okay? Isn’t that a bit too much?”

“No no, it’s fine!”

Ryeowook peered over Donghae’s shoulder and gave the older boy a doubtful glance as he saw the amount of chocolate Donghae had added into the flour mixture.

“Hyung, it’ll be too sweet!”

Donghae ignored Ryeowook and continued to use the fish-shaped cookie-cutter.


The thud of metal on wood answered as yet another fish-shaped cookie dough joined the growing line.


Donghae scrunched up his nose and set down the cookie-cutter.

Ryeowook burst into peals of laughter as his hyung glared at him from where he was working on the counter, flour-covered face, white hair and all.

But he was too busy laughing to dodge the flour Donghae impishly threw at him.

It turned into a full-force war as bits of flour flew and covered the two boys and the kitchen.

(Ryeowook’s mother found the two white-faced, flour-covered boys sitting on the floor beside each other, giggling and snickering at each other’s appearance as a batch of cookie dough turned crisp under the heat in the oven.)


Days became weeks and week became months.

Outside, the golden leaves rustled as the chilly autumn breeze whispered past. The sky was dull and clotted with slate-gray clouds. Every once in a while, the heavens would let out a rumbled, as if the gods were arguing over if they should let it rain or not.

A lone figure sat on the white wooden steps leading to the backyard. He leaned against the railings and gazed out at the serene backdrop of the sky against the earth.

Donghae picked at the stray grass under his feet and as is his habit, looked up at the steady wooden swing hanging from the branches of a nearby tree.

He wondered idly if Ryeowook would turn up but he did not have to ponder long as he heard the door behind creak open and the familiar figure of Ryeowook settled down comfortably beside him.

“Happy birthday, hyung!”


Donghae lifted his head from where he was resting and gave Ryeowook a questioning look; he never told Ryeowook when his birthday was.

The younger boy just smiled, his eyes twinkling as he cocked his head and said cheekily, “A little bird told me it’s your birthday today.”

“Really? When did the little bird tell you?”

“This morning, he peeked into my window to tell me and then he flew off to play.”

Donghae chuckled and leaned over to give Ryeowook a hug.

A soft rumble resounded across the sky as a streak of white light whipped at the heavens. As the last notes of thunder faded, the first drops of rain fell.

Ryeowook could feel the drops on his face and he turned his face upwards and closed his eyes, smiling as the refreshing rain swept across his face.

But Donghae had other ideas.

The older boy cupped his hands and when the water droplets collected into a small, shimmering pool in his hands, he flicked it at Ryeowook, eliciting a surprised yelp from the younger.

He pranced away gleefully, standing several feet away from Ryeowook. The rain continued to pour on his hair, making strands of bistre brown plaster across his forehead but Donghae paid no attention even as he felt the chill seep through his clothes.

“Hyung, it’s raining!”

Ryeowook stood uncertainly on the steps as the rain continued to fall, a sheet of transparent globules in front of him.

“Then let’s dance in the rain!”

Donghae didn’t wait for Ryeowook’s answer as he pulled the latter out from under the shelter and within seconds, Ryeowook was soaked too.

Ryeowook’s previous worries and annoyance disappeared as Donghae flicked some more water at him. Their laughter rang loud and clear in the backyard, like the crystal lights glinting off the surface of the raindrops.

Ryeowook pelted towards his hyung who was laughing and backing away. The younger boy threw himself at the other, intent on tickling him but the momentum caused the both of them to fall to the ground right under the tree whose branches held the swing…their swing.

The impact knocked the wind out of them both and they lay in a tangle of limbs.

The interlocking branches and twigs helped collect the beads of rainwater and every so often, the water would escape and fall onto the ground below.

Donghae ended up cushioning most of the impact and Ryeowook ended up on his right, the younger’s arm slung across his torso. Amused and smiling, the two righted themselves and gazed up at the canvas of emerald, jade, viridian and teal and at the sky with its tears.

“Tears of joy…” Donghae whispered.

“What was that, hyung?” Ryeowook propped himself upon his elbow.

“Nothing, Wookie. Nothing.”

The smile was evident even in Donghae’s voice.

That was how Donghae’s mother found them. Drenched, smiling and a tad muddy.


“Hyung, can I come over?”

Donghae thought Ryeowook’s voice sounded odd.

“Sure, see you in a few minutes then!”

And so there they were, both boys were snuggled in Donghae’s bed, under the thick but comfortable coverlet which kept them warm.

The rain continued to fall, a rataplan of shimmering droplets along the roads and the streets. It was just two in the afternoon but it was already as dark as dusk. Straggling wisps of clouds drifted across the smooth canvas of the sky.

Donghae lay on his bed, the coverlet and sheets forming a warm cocoon around him. He looked up at the ceiling of his room which was painted blue with white puffy clouds. He could hear Ryeowook’s own quiet breathing on his left.

The room was silent but the silence was broken with a sudden sniff.


From his position, Donghae could only see Ryeowook’s soft brown hair.

Another sniff.

“Ryeowook? What’s wrong?”

Donghae felt weary and drained even as he propped himself up on his elbows to get a better look at his dongsaeng; their playing under the rain had given him a fever and a cold which made his forehead burn and his voice sound really nasal.

“Nothing, hyung.”

Ryeowook’s head was turned away from Donghae but now he faced his hyung directly, eyes wide with surprise.

“Why were you crying? Did I do anything wrong?”

“Aww, hyung! I have a cold, remember? The rain did that to us!”

Donghae felt his face grow warm as he gave a small laugh, embarrassed.

“Ah right. For a moment I thought you were crying…Not you too? I just had a cold too!”

“That makes the both of us then.”

Both boys fell silent and just lay there, soaking in comfortable silence. Ryeowook’s eyes paused on a particular cloud painted on the ceiling; it was shaped strangely like a fish. Right beside it was another cloud shaped like a rabbit.

Ryeowook gave a small smile. He felt at ease in Donghae’s room; it was cozy and homey. It wasn’t even remotely like his own room which had white-washed walls and dark furniture to fit the Zen setting…

Donghae’s room was painted in various shades of blue. The ceiling was of such a light shade of blue that at first glance, the white clouds blended into the sky. All around, the walls are painted just a shade or two darker, closer to baby blue.

The bed was set against the length of the room, right beside the windows nestled in pure white frames. Right beside the windows, a silhouette of a fish rested amongst a nest of tiny swirls and waves, all painted in a mixture of white and sapphire. Various other light-coloured furniture were strategically scattered around the room, giving off the clean, neat and yet homey feel.

When Ryeowook entered the room, the first thing he saw was not all those. Instead, his eyes were drawn to the lone object on the bedside table. It was a small figurine. The craftwork may be clumsy but there was no mistaking of the shape. It was a goldfish atop a tumble of waves.

Ryeowook knew that Donghae had sculpted it during his art class…because Donghae had given him a similar figurine for his birthday. Except instead of a goldfish, it was a rabbit, and instead of waves, it was grass.


“Yes, Wookie?”

“I’m really tired…”

“Go to sleep, Wookie. You’re sick.”

“You won’t leave me, right?”

Ryeowook’s small hand found its way to Donghae’s and he gave his hyung’s hand a weak squeeze.

Donghae adjusted his position and reached over to hug Ryeowook so that the younger but more feverish boy was pulled closer to him.

“Of course not. Hyung will always be there for you.”

Ryeowook’s voice was slightly muffled against Donghae.

“Thanks, hyung, for everything.”

He could barely keep his eyes close and he finally succumbed into dreamland, his head tucked under Donghae’s chin and his small body curled up in Donghae’s arms.

Donghae was sleepy but he did not feel like sleeping. Not yet.

He sat up carefully so as not to wake the sleeping boy and he reached over to tug the covers over Ryeowook’s shoulders. As he did so, he could already feel himself fading into dreamland as well.

Donghae pulled the coverlet over himself and after making sure Ryeowook was fine, he lay back down and waited for sleep to claim him.


Outside, the rain continued to fall from the heavens but the faint shadow of the sun was rising.

The tiny scales of the goldfish glowed under the sunrays as the two boys slept on in the safety and comfort of their precious friendship.

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i enjoy wookgasms!thundersquall on January 15th, 2010 06:53 am (UTC)
Omg this is just so cute and so precious and omg Ryeowook and Donghae as little children, the cute is killing me *____*
AYtwistedlives on January 15th, 2010 07:43 am (UTC)
Eeeeeep, why so cuteeeeee. /pokessss

Tsk, now I can't stop smiling. Fishy~ [;
DIANAwhitemoonx3 on January 15th, 2010 05:10 pm (UTC)
goodness i have soft spots for child fics. :}
wrote my lifetime story.kluhete on January 16th, 2010 10:33 am (UTC)
Did I ever mention how much I love how your fics always give me goosebumps and leave me feeling scared/happy/warm/etc?

If I haven't, I'm telling you now! :D
pianostories on April 12th, 2011 12:48 pm (UTC)
hae is so sweet.
i love pairing haewook. They are both cute.