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my love disease.

24 June
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I Am Supergirl

L.O.V.E.Shining StarSapphire Blue
Once a kid at heart, always a kid at heart. This kid, however, leads a mundane life of waking up, attending lessons, going home, mug and complete homework while listening to tonnes of music, and then sleeping. Hours later, the alarm clock rings again.

Apart from stories, this kid also does graphics.

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This kid loves music and cannot live without it. This kid likes a super cool super awesome Korean band known as SUPER JUNIOR whose members are the most talented people she has ever known.

& She once said, "I AM HOTTEST ELF in SHINee World."
(Go figure.^^)

Awesome playlist includes songs by
♫ Super Junior
♫ 2PM
♫ 2AM
♫ Brown Eyed Girls
♫ 4Minute
♫ SHINee
♫ f(x)

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Of course, with 13 members in Super Junior and 2 others in Super Junior-M, she lists Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun as her favourite members followed by Leeteuk, Hankyung and Heechul. Though she can't decide who's her all-time favourite member, she is biased towards magicians and was so wowed by Sungmin's superb magic tricks, Donghae with awesome voice, dance moves and childish antics and because of Kyuhyun, she's now an ELF. And proud of it! ♥

온 세상이 펄 사파이어 블루의 풍선이 뒤덮는 그날까지.

♡ Until the day the world is filled with pearl sapphire blue balloons.

This kid's favourite songs by Super Junior are It's You, Sorry Sorry, Rokkugo!!!, Don't Go Away, Don't Don, Twins, She's Gone, Love U More, Believe and Me.

She haunts the following places:
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