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29 December 2009 @ 11:23 am
[One-shot] Heebum Meets Hyaku  
Title: Heebum Meets Hyaku
Type: One-shot
Author: presstoreset
Rating: G
Genre: Humour, friendship
Characters: Super Junior, Heebum
Summary: Trouble ensues when Hyaku enters Super Junior's dorms.
Disclaimer: I didn't find Super Junior under my Christmas tree D:

It's been so long since I wrote a one-shot from Heebum's POV so I thought I'd put some time aside to write one and at the same time, start a collection of such one-shots ^^
I've written one so far so this will be my second one. You can view the first of such one-shots, A Very Heebum Morning, here!
Enjoy & do comment~!

The sleek grey feline opened his eyes blearily as something…or rather someone yelled close to his ear. He pinched his eyes closed again, trying to drown out the sound.

"Ah hyung! I'm up! I'm up!"

Heebum felt the bed shift as the said male sat up and leaned against the wall, blinking away the remnants of sleep.

Somewhere above him, he heard his owner's voice, "Yah Heebummie. Why were you in Donghae's bed?"

Because you decided to hog your bed for the night, Heebum thought as he stretched and sat up.

"Donghae ah, you pamper Heebum too much."

The aforementioned male groaned in reply, apparently still half in dreamland.

Heebum scowled up at his owner but almost regretted it when a sudden blast of pink exploded right in front of his eyes.

The said owner, or Kim Heechul the Great Not-So-Great as Heebum liked to think of him, was wearing shirt that was so long it fell to his knees, making him look as if he wasn't wearing any pants.

If he didn't know better, Heebum would've streaked away. But of course, he stayed put.

This shirt was so pink that Heechul could wear it out at night and be seen from a million miles away. Yes, it was so bright it blinded Heebum's eyes for a moment there.

Back to the subject.

And since when did you not pamper me eh, Heenim?

Heebum leaped off the bed and trotted out of the room, leaving a barely-awake Donghae and a pink Heechul behind. He followed the sweet scent of eggs and a whiff of rice into the kitchen where a busy Hankyung was trying to cook and prevent Leeteuk from helping at the same time.

Kangin, on the other hand, was slumped forward on the kitchen table, hand still curled around his coffee mug.

Hmm, I wonder where Shindong is….

Heebum made a U-turn back into the hallway. He didn't have to look far for Shindong was seated on the couch, almost dozing.

A babble of voices reached Heebum's ears as a still-pink Heechul and a fully-dressed Donghae emerged, bantering away as to which of them had pampered Heebum more.


If Heebum could laugh, he'd be rolling around and laughing by now.

Hmm, but maybe not, because Heebum was hungry and he could feel his tummy churn and grumble.

He stayed by the wall, the white of the wall a stark contrast with his smooth grey fur, as he watched the little kitchen bustle with activities, the noise level going higher and higher.

Today was no exception.

And once again, Heebum was neglected.

So much for pampering, Heebum grumbled, I don't see anyone bothering to feed me….ㅠㅠ

He padded into Heechul's room and prodded around, looking for his dongsaeng who'd just returned from the neighbour after a year.

He found the said cat snoozing on Heechul's bed and even though he knew that it was probably Shampagne who'd been the reason why he was not able to sleep in Heechul's bed the night before, he could not help but nudge his dongsaeng a little.

No response.

Heebum mewled and nudged again. Shampagne stirred, opening one sleepy eye to stare at his hyung before sitting up and yawning.

Mission accomplished. Now let me get some food ^^

Heebum padded out again just in time to see everyone in the 12th floor dorm settle down with their breakfast already in front of them. He brushed his tail against Heechul's leg but instead of purring, he mewled.

"Annyeong Heebummie~" Heechul leaned down to scratch Heebum's head.

You're not gonna feed me, are you? ….bye Heenim, Heebum thought as he ducked away from Heechul's hand and ran towards the general direction of Donghae and Leeteuk, knowing full well that they'd remember to feed him.

"Hyung! Have you fed Heebum?"

"Aish, I was getting around to it!"

"Hyung, it's like this every other day…."

"We shouldn't pamper him too much, Hae."

"Can't starve Heebummie either!"

"I'm not starving him!"

"Trust me, you are."

"Yah Donghae ah! Look at me."

"Hyung, just feed him already."

Heebum chuckled inwardly at the sight of Heechul trying to stare down at Donghae and waving his chopsticks in agitation, causing bits of egg to fly. Donghae, on the other hand, was still very much focused on his food; apparently too hungry to even pause for a moment to look up at Heechul.

As the two continued to argue again, Heebum followed Leeteuk as the leader rolled his eyes and stood up to pry open a can of…

You're such an angel!! Sardine here I come! ^^

Heebum chewed on his food and continued to watch the play unfold in front of him.

Kangin leaning against the wall in lethargy… Hankyung trying to get Heechul to stop talking by using a spoonful of rice to nudge at his ever-moving mouth… Shindong eating as per usual and watching them with amusement… Donghae speaking in between spoonfuls of food… And finally, Leeteuk trying to stay awake and eat at the same time.

Oh, and Shampagne finally emerging to share Heebum's sardine.

Wait, did someone say share? Share Heebum's sardine? Share?!

Okay,fine. Let's share; I'm just about finish anyway~ Heebum took one last bite before allowing Shampagne his piece.

As Heebum sat beside Shampagne and chewed at his sardine, he cocked his head and listened intently, hoping to get at least a hint of the activities of the 11th floor members.

But all was to no avail for Donghae and Heechul's voices drowned out everything else, including Hankyung's incessant mutterings and Kangin's snores.

I'll just go downstairs then.

Heebum slipped past the busy members and proceeded down the stairs.

Of course, the 11th floor dorm was a lot quieter and a lot more subdued but nevertheless, it's too early in the morning.

Heebum leapt onto his favourite spot on the couch which placed him right beside Yesung. The latter had Ttanggoma and Ttanggoma's dongsaeng on his lap, and he was leaning forward to arrange the water tray and other knickknacks in the said turtles' shared tank.

Without breaking his momentum, Yesung reached out with his left hand and scratched Heebum behind the ear, clearly acknowledging his presence.

"Annyeong Heebummie, isn't it a bit too early for you to be awake? Even Ttanggoma's getting sleepy again."

Blame your pink hyung, Yesungie. There's no better alarm clock than a yell and a lot of pink in your face. Heebum grumbled.

Some of the things he liked about the 11th floor dorm members…..well, if asked that particular question, Heebum would have happily answered that Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun paid a lot of attention to him. All of the members cared for him and often stopped to pat his head or just to smooth his fur.

Now that is called pampering ^^

Not that the 12th floor members never bothered with him. Leeteuk and Donghae definitely cared for him. Shindong would be busy with his schedules and Kangin….well Kangin travelled to and fro from his home to the dorm pretty often.

Heebum couldn't help but whine in his mind when he found out that Kangin would be leaving to visit his family…mainly because even though he never interacted much with Heebum, he was good company. Then again, he came back ever so often just to stay over for a night or two because he missed the other members.

Sometimes, Heebum wished he could be bigger, even if it was just for a second, just to give Kangin a bear-like or uh…a cat-like hug.

Then there was Hankyung. The gentle one. And the one able to tolerate Heechul…well, not that Heebum could not, it's just that having to stay with a person for so long was getting a little boring and hence, Kangin being good company.

And no, don't get Heebum wrong. Heebum loved his owner but just like his owner, he just never got round to expressing it because it tended to get pretty much awkward. Arasso? Arasso ^^

So, it's all down to Leeteuk, Donghae and Heechul to feed him. Normally, Heebum wouldn't have bothered Leeteuk since he truly and sincerely wished and hope that the leader would stop being such an angel and take a well-earned rest for once….but he really couldn't do anything whenever Leeteuk decided to busy himself with the smallest things.

Heebum lifted his head from his paws to see Super Junior's resident magnae disappearing into the kitchen, presumably to try to help Ryeowook cook for once.

Hur…definitely trying to help, Heebum thought when he heard Ryeowook's sudden "STOP! FREEZE THERE AND DON'T MOVE, CHO KYUHYUN!"

"Aish…they should just learn to leave the guy alone to the cooking eh?" Yesung barely glanced up as he placed Ttanggoma back into his tank.

I gotta agree on that….I wonder if Yesungie named Ttanggoma's dongsaeng…

As if Yesung had heard Heebum's thoughts, the singer gave a small smile and said, "I haven't gotten round to naming him yet…I haven't thought of a good name but Ttanggoma's dongsaeng still sounds good just like that."

Just then, someone emerged from one of the rooms. Someone with tousled hair which realllyyyyy reminded Heebum of Donghae, complete with a button-up shirt, well-pressed pants and a beanie. Well, unlike some others (like Heenim, Heebum thought wryly), this person was already up and fully-dressed for the day even though it was merely half past five in the morning.

Like fish, like monkey eh? They even have the same morning habits…talk about scary….ㅠㅠ

But Heebum knew that if this little fact got out, all the fans that shipped Eunhae or Haehyuk or whatever-you-call-it would've gone bonkers in just a nanosecond. Or less.

Yes, that person is none other than Lee Hyukjae, or otherwise fondly known as Eunhyuk.

Heebum slid out from under Yesung's stationary hand and padded to the entrance of the kitchen, wondering if the odd smell was from…..

"Kyuhyunnie! That's NOT soju! Don't you dare pour that in! That's VINEGAR."

Yup, Ryeowook was there, standing with his hands on his hips, as if daring Kyuhyun to pour the vinegar into his precious concoction.

"Ahh….I'm sorry, hyung. I just wanted to help," Kyuhyun truly looked apologetic as he backed down under Ryeowook's gaze.

Ryeowook seemed to wither as he sighed and said, "If you want to help, why don't you get the plates ready? And maybe after you're done with that, you can get the drinks or something."

The magnae's face visibly brightened at the thought, his cheeks protruding as he flashed his charmingly famous grin.

Aigoo….if only the fans knew how much aegyo this magnae uses. Heebum could only sigh in response.

Hmm….someone's missing…the 12th floor pink boy was arguing with the fishy boy….then where's the 11th floor pink boy?

Heebum trotted along the hallway, pausing to peek into each door along the way. At the last door, he spotted the said pumpkin-lover kneeling in a corner. He seemed to be arranging something yellow on the floor. As Sungmin straightened up, it was then Heebum frozed.

Heebum stared.

What's Sungminnie doing with a….cat's toy?

Heebum made his way in and nudged Sungmin a little with his nose, making the smile on the bunny boy's face widen even further. Sungmin stroked Heebum's head and if possible, his eyes shone even brighter than usual.

Heebum mewled, his mind full of questions but Sungmin just laughed and mused, "I can't wait for hyung to come over. Aren't you excited?"

But you didn't tell me why you're so excited! :( C'mon pumpkin boy, tell me and I'll give you pumpkins!

But Sungmin had stood up with Heebum in his arms and he was making his way out of the room.

Heyyyyy Sungminnie! Don't ignore me! D: I'm serious about –

Heebum fell silent, head cocked as he tried to figure out….

The doorbell rang.

I hear Donghae….I hear….Heenim and Leeteukie. Hmm who's that other voice there? I guess I'll find out soon.

Sungmin hurried to the door with Heebum still in his arms. He put Heebum down before reaching out to open it….a bad idea, in Heebum's personal opinion.

Somebody ran….no actually, he barged into the dorm, wearing a ridiculous outfit of a bright pink shirt, black slacks and a white winter beanie (probably stolen from Leeteuk, Heebum guessed).

Guess who?

Ah…wouldn't it be Super Junior's other resident pink boy? Or uh, man.

Yes, and it's the one living on the 12th floor, Heechul.

The said male had two cats in his arms and he was too busy cooing to them to do anything else. Heebum recognized the sandy, beige fur of his beloved dongsaeng, Shampagne, but he didn't recognize the other cat.

From his position on the floor and amongst other annoying and trampling feet, he could see a frowning Sungmin trying to reach around Heechul who was so hunched over the two cats that Heebum couldn't even see his face.

I need to get closer.

And that was what Heebum did. He slipped and maneuvered around the many legs but when the empty space that was the front of the crowd finally reached his eyes, he felt a pair of arms snake around his belly and if he could gasp, he would've done so as the world before his eyes became a whirl of colours.

Heebum twisted round to see his owner's dongsaeng looking at him, amusement plain on his face.

Go away you fishy! Heebum scowled.

Of course, the said fish continued to look amuse and he looked up at Sungmin, "Hyung! What's its name?"


Hyaku? Hyaku?! What kind of name is that! Heebum gagged.

From his position in Donghae's arms, he could finally see the smaller cat. Actually no, kitten.

Aw, he's so cute…Yah! Hanjayheebum, cut it out! You don't even know this…Hyaku!

Sandy fur so light it's almost white. Ears as dark as my fur. Pretty blue eyes.

But Heebum felt a pang of jealousy as he watched Heechul finally pass Hyaku to Sungmin. He continued to stroke the little kitten's back, face shining with joy. That was when Heebum noticed an unfamiliar face behind Heechul.

Hmm that must be Sungminnie's hyung who brought Hyaku over…

Heebum looked up at Heechul again and he felt his little heart shatter into a million pieces as he saw his owner hold Shampagne up beside Sungmin's Hyaku, all set to take a picture.

If Heebum could tear, he would definitely be doing so right now. He would've turned and run, not caring if anybody followed. Either that or he would've slipped back into his room without anyone noticing.

He held his head low and snuggled closer to Donghae. His heart hurt at the sight of Shampagne and Hyaku together but as much as he wanted to look away, he could not. And he knew….Heebum knew that as the hyung, he shouldn't be feeling this way.

But I'm not human….what's a cat supposed to do now? Sleep? Play with a toy?

Heebum almost let out a whimper but even as he suppressed it, a small sound issued from his throat. It was so quiet nobody could've noticed but because of Donghae's proximity, the latter heard it. It took less than a minute for the smart fishy boy to understand.

"Hyung, I forgot something in my room, I'll just go get it okay?"

With that, Donghae slipped out of the crowded dorm and climbed up the stairs to the floor above. Heebum was grateful for the emptiness and the silence. The commotion earlier on was perhaps a bit too much.

Heebum suddenly felt weary from all the noise and emotional rush, and he was only too happy to obliged when Donghae said, "Yah, Heebummie…Go back to sleep okay? It's only six in the morning. I'll take care of Heechullie hyung later."

Heebum gazed at Donghae's retreating back and at the door closing. He thought of the time when Shampagne first came back and the same feeling he had felt. It was not as acute as when he saw Hyaku but it was there.

Shampagne was sent to the neighbour to stay for a few days after the veterinarian diagnosed Heebum with…

What was that? Oh aphasia…Right.

So Heebum was diagnosed with aphasia. When Shampagne left, he gave a particularly loud meow.

It definitely caught Heechul's attention for he watched his owner update his Cyworld with a photo entry.

Towards the end of the entry, he saw Heechul type this:

"Ah, other than me, you don't need anyone else!! Think of me only, take care of me only, treasure me only!!"

That was exactly how he had felt.

When he saw Hyaku, Heebum definitely felt the same pang but for now, he should just sleep and forget about everything else.


It has been a week since Hyaku's arrival and we all know that Sungmin has been taking pictures of Hyaku twenty-four/seven….

Well, ever since Hyaku entered the dorms, it's been….for lack of a better word, chaos.

Kyuhyun almost blew up when he saw the scratches on his Playstation console.

"Hyung I swear the scratches are a MILE DEEP. That's it, I'm drawing a dividing line in our room."

Though Kyuhyun never did manage to draw that dividing line for when Leeteuk found out, he had a fit and berated Kyuhyun for potentially causing harm to the cleaning lady who would probably faint at the sight of a room painted in two different colours.

Eunhyuk almost wailed when he saw the empty cartons instead of filled ones.

"Hyung! How much milk did you give him anyway! That's SIX cartons already! I don't want a seventh!"

Eunhyuk had then sprinted up the stairs, demanding that Donghae help him keep a store of strawberry milk in the 12th floor dorm instead.

Ryeowook almost had a fit when he saw Sungmin in the kitchen. With Hyaku.

"HYUNG! Just what are you doing exactly?!"

Sungmin had decided to cook something "special" for Hyaku to celebrate his fifth day in the Super Junior dorms. But he had forgotten that cats do not consume pumpkin soup. Hyaku included.

Yesung's eyes almost popped when he discovered that Ttanggoma and Ttanggoma's dongsaeng were both missing from their shared tank.


Though later, he discovered that bored Donghae had been too bored and too kind to sneak into his hyung's room; he had removed them for a while to help clean both of their shells, after which, Yesung's initial shock vanished like a popped balloon.

The 12th floor dorm had their share of trouble though none too much. Hmm, perhaps just a little bit less.

Donghae almost wailed when he saw the number of cartons of strawberry milk in Eunhyuk's arms.

"You can't expect me to help you keep that many!! How much do you drink anyway!?"

Donghae had agreed to help Eunhyuk but at what cost, he did not know….until the said dancing jewel appeared on the steps of the 12th floor dorm with more than ten cartons of strawberry milk in his arms.

Leeteuk almost had a fit when the extra cartons of milk ended up in his and Donghae's shared room.

"If they start to turn sour and stink up this room, you will be the one cleaning everything up!"

But whether they did start to turn sour, Donghae did not know for after all, it was Eunhyuk who consumed the strawberry milk and not him.

Then there was Hankyung who decided to bunk in with Kangin for the moment for Heechul had suddenly turned into a full-on cat lover.

"Did you see how cute Hyaku is! That kitten is just too full of aegyo~!!"

Hankyung had just enough of Heechul's fawning over Hyaku.

But life in the dorms became infinitely interesting after that. For Heebum at least. Hyaku's initial presence presented him with a new form of entertainment in Super Junior style.

It definitely amused him to no end to see the different members wail, whine and point fingers at each other when they should be pointing at Hyaku instead. And perhaps Sungmin too.

Maybe it's because they're too smitten with the new kitty….or maybe because this is just them being themselves.

Either way, Heebum soon grew to accept Hyaku as he is. After all the mayhem, Heebum decided that he should take Hyaku under his wing…or uh, paw.

Of course, Heebum's mundane routine was never the same afterward. Before, he used to kill time by just lazing around for the entire day…sometimes watching the cleaning lady when she came. Now, Sungmin would bring Hyaku up to the 12th floor dorm where the three of them, including Shampagne, would play with each other.

As the oldest of them, Heebum took the lead and he ensured that nobody gets into any trouble.

Well, most of the time anyway.


"Why are there scratch marks on my bible?!"

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AYtwistedlives on December 29th, 2009 04:13 am (UTC)
I'm not late, finally!
ROFL @ Siwon in the end.

And aaah, hello Yesung, Ttanggoma and Ttanggoma's dongsaeng! (L)(L)(L) :)))

*spies some Eunhae too* heheheh. Strawberry milk \o/

I can't imagine how Kyuhyun and Sungmin's room painted in two colours.
Sungmin's would be pink for sure, and maybe Kyu would decide to go a star craft battle ground theme for his side. O________O

&&& 'Kangin a bear-like or uh…a cat-like hug.' made me melt like crazyyy
I miss Kangin so much too T_____T ( + Kibum & Geng )
presstoreset: ♥ Eunhaepresstoreset on December 30th, 2009 10:33 am (UTC)
Should I give you a spot next time? xD
I kinda pity his bible >< Hahah!

I just had to add them in ^^ and continue the kind of relationship Yesung has with the pets :D (Ttanggoma's dongsaeng!!!<3)

Just had to add Teuk, Hae and Hyuk in together too xD
Want some strawberry milk? *holds out a glass to midnight spazzer*

Hahah! I think it'll be really funny if it happens in real life! Then I'll want to raid their dorms just to see the room in two colours ^^

I miss them too!D:
*gives each of them a fish-like hug*
AY: SH ▪ 바래 wink!twistedlives on December 30th, 2009 11:25 am (UTC)
hahaha, it's up to you xD
presstoresetpresstoreset on December 31st, 2009 02:40 am (UTC)
Ahh, okay then ^^
jongsungcherrybombb on December 29th, 2009 04:30 am (UTC)
Omg babe you know how I love the sj's pets' interactions.
I'll be back to read later !
jongsungcherrybombb on December 29th, 2009 06:17 am (UTC)

I loved this! Lmao at Kyu's absurd exaggeration, and the ending!
Oh SiWon, kekeke!

Awful or not, i'll still want heenim as my human alarm clock.
presstoreset: ♥ Kangin + Heechulpresstoreset on December 30th, 2009 10:37 am (UTC)
Hehe & I love writing about them ^^

Thank you!:D
I have a feeling Kyu uses a lot of aegyo when the camera stops filming. Hahaha and yes, the poor, abused bible!

I'm pretty sure you'd want that. I think I'd only be too happy to be woken up by Heenim. Or anyone of them for that matter ^^
닌자princess_jaded on December 29th, 2009 05:07 am (UTC)

presstoreset: ♥ Sungminpresstoreset on December 30th, 2009 10:38 am (UTC)
Okay, see you soon then! ^^
imsweet_11imsweet_11 on December 29th, 2009 05:43 am (UTC)
hehheheh..this is adorable^^
lobe heebumie and hyaku^^

i spor eunhae in this^^

presstoreset: ♥ Sungminpresstoreset on December 30th, 2009 10:40 am (UTC)
Aww thank you~!:D

I've always wondered about Hyaku's entering of the dorms xD
Eunhae! ♥

By the way, your icon's really cute~!!^^
the world is not beautiful, therefore it isheijihatsutori on December 29th, 2009 07:44 am (UTC)
And I was wondering where's Siwon and hahahahaha!!! This is hilarious...you're awesome~ ^^
presstoreset: ♥ leeteuk +donghaepresstoreset on December 30th, 2009 10:42 am (UTC)
Nah I won't leave out Siwon (;
Mr Gesture Guy is too precious to leave out!

Thank you~! I'm glad you enjoyed it!:D
w.e.f.l.o.a.t.a.b.o.v.ecloudyday2sb on December 29th, 2009 10:32 am (UTC)
nvm love you anyway♥

cutest cat fic in the WORLDDDDD~~~~
presstoreset: ♥ Leeteuk let's playpresstoreset on December 30th, 2009 10:43 am (UTC)
Hehe thank you so much!:D
I'm working on another one-shot so look out for it! xD
I'm glad you enjoyed this~~
Jazzy: Squintyoomaydakaynay on December 30th, 2009 01:19 am (UTC)
i LOVE this!
great idea, the perspective of heebum~

the end made me laugh out loud XD poor siwon! hahahaha

if I was Heebum, I would start a mutiny with Hyaku and Shampagne against Heechul to get more food... hehehehe (or just cause general chaos... suju + chaos= yay fun! lol)

anyways, great story ^^ loved it tons =]
presstoreset: ♥ Sungmin Abracadabrapresstoreset on December 30th, 2009 10:46 am (UTC)
LOL @ your icon. Yes, Ryeowookie definitely saw what Sungmin did there in his kitchen xD

Heebum reminds me so much of Heechul sometimes ^^
Keke, hence I always wondered if Heebum's just like Heechul. In cat form xD

Hahah yeah, his poor abused bible! xD

Lol! I think I would too! I think chaos would be a better choice....because they'd be able to sneak out some food and watch the boys cause chaos while eating~ Now that's entertainment!:D

Thank you so much~! ♥